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We are interested.

What's the next step?

Your wishes. Let us know what you want using the form below. Who's going with you? How many days do you want to sail? When do you want to sail? What do you want to experience?

Design. We will contact you and together we will look at the planning and your ideal sailing route.

Offer of program and price. A trip with Andante is tailor-made and that also applies to the price. As soon as the sailing plan is clear, we will make a quote, after which you can decide whether you want to sail with us.

Reservation of your package. If the program and quote are to your liking, you can make a final reservation via a reservation form that we send with the quote. You secure your arrangement with a down payment.


Early questionsScroll down and check our FAQ! Maybe your question is listed here and we can answer it immediately.

Prefer direct contact? Feel free to call us, see bottom of this page.

To get an idea of the package costs, the prices we use are listed below.



€150,- per night

The guest-compartment consists of two double rooms in the bow and can only be rented in its entirety for minimum 3 nights.

Including coffee and tea! 


€150 per sailing day

Each sailing day is completely according to your personal wishes and requires fuel, maintenance and commitment from the crew.


€9 per person

Let us know what you like!

Lunch on the ship, or packed lunch for the road?


€28 per person

2 courses.

Vegetarian, vegan or allergies? Let us know!


Port charges and/or tourist tax depend strongly on the location. 

Your personal consumptions on board will be  charged afterwards

To give an idea of a package price.....

A 4-day package is about 300 euros pp for a party of 4 persons and 540 euros pp for a party of 2 persons.

A 7-day package is about 570 euros pp for a party of 4 persons and 1080 euros pp for a party of 2 persons.

These prices include breakfast every day, port and mooring fees, all sailing days and use of canoe and regular bicycle.

In addition, other meals, personal consumptions and, for example, entrance fees are added.

  • Is this kids proof?
    A paradise for children even! Water fun is guaranteed with our rubber rowing boat on the Dutch lakes and ponds. We have life jackets on board for the little ones without a swimming certificate. We have a babysitting service especially for parents! Going out in the evening with the two of us, grabbing a movie or going out? The kids are in good hands with us! (Especially with our well-stocked games closet.)
  • Help, I'm very tall! Do I fit in the beds? Am I bumping my head everywhere?
    If you are really tall, bring a helmet! The ceiling is low in certain places, such as in the saloon (2m) and part of the corridor below deck (1.85m). Fortunately, the bedrooms are 2.10 meters high and the beds 2 meters long. That should work, right?
  • Can we also book with a larger party?
    When you are with five or six people, something can possibly be arranged! This is the exception rather than the rule, but it is negotiable. Book Andante for a meeting or event? Let us know - who can arrange something again!
  • Do I have to pay for a sailing day if I also pay for the overnight stay?
    The sailing days and overnight stays are separate. This is because (obviously) sailing is more expensive than when we are moored or at anchor! So if Andante does not sail for a day because you want to explore the area by foot, bicycle or canoe, then no sailing day will be charged.
  • I am afraid or allergic to dogs! Is this a problem?
    No and no! Bob is a posh king poodle who doesn't lose any hair. Afraid of dogs? Then a stay at the Andante Piedro may well be the therapy that helps you get rid of your fear of dogs for good. He may be big and black, but very sweet and cuddly!
  • How extensive is the breakfast and until what time?
    Discuss in advance what you like to eat for breakfast, so that we can get it in the house (ship). Don't expect a buffet: if there's one thing we're trying to prevent, it's throwing food away because of surplus! Early bird or sleep in? Your experience, your breakfast!
  • We have a dog! Can they come along?
    Want to bring your four-legged friend? Let us know! Bob is very sociable and likes to expand his circle of knowledge. If your dog is very large, we must discuss this. There isn't that much space on the ship!
  • Do I have to bring a towel?
    No! We provide two towels per person, one large, one small. We learned from our daughter that it is nice to have a separate towel for your hair! (Nanne has less experience with that, with his sparse head hair.)
  • Is there wifi and hot water?
    Yes, and yes! Fully equipped.
  • Can we bring our own food or groceries?
    This is possible in certain cases, for example if you need special diet food, a refrigerator is available. If you want this, do it in consultation with us. By the way.... in the kitchen you can go wild with your cooking skills if you like. You can of course bring ingredients for this. Don't bring coffee or tea: we have that ready!
  • Also can we book one room?
    We rent out the guesthouse in the bow in its entirety for a fixed price. When you are with two, you can use both rooms. Or maybe you have nice friends, relatives, neighbors or colleagues who want to come along?

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Questions, wishes, compliments, or just book? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for submitting!

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