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And we are.....

This is skipper


Nanne is physically  geographer,  (former) geography teacher and former organizer of hiking holiday-tours. He likes to organize activities and can't resist letting you look around you in a different way. Ice ages, climate change, water management, old cities in the Netherlands, you name it. Always ready for an explanation or dialogue. Moreover, he has also become the typical handyman who can do everything. For example, he has put everything (really everything!) in this ship together himself.

Meet 'skipster' 


Nenette is a real 'people person' and likes to be in contact. After years of running her own company in the hiking world, she started working as a pedagogue in (appropriate) education. Nenette has a passion for hiking, everything lightweight - and with her spontaneous spirit, she's up for anything! Like trying out a new recipe, turning on some music and dancing the night away, or taking a dip in the water any time of the day or night. (She traditionally does this every day of the year - yes, even in the winter months! Dare you?)

And something about


Bob is a large, enthusiastic poodle with humor and a big heart. He offers a good listening ear, does not judge and is incredibly smart. He even knows how to open a door. Don't you want to get a good morning from him in bed in the morning? Tell him! He is (despite his size) not easily stepped on his toes.

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The Great Encounter once took place...
... at the holiday fair in Utrecht. Nenette was there as an organizer of active mountain tours with small groups. And Nanne was there too: with his organization for walking tours, with geographers, biologists, geologists, archaeologists and others as guides. Both with a passion for action and being outdoors - and like to go for a walk with others. In addition, they shared a passion for aquatic life. First with small sailing boats, later with weeks of wanderings on an old sailing catamaran across the Wadden Sea.  

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Of course it was inevitable: when the opportunity arose, they bought an old freighter that they slowly transformed over the years into an atmospheric sailing houseboat. Large parts of the Netherlands were explored this way by boat. In the meantime, they exchanged their traveling life for work in education. As the years passed on the water, a new dream came clearly to mind. Quitting a permanent job and completely 'loose', roaming with a sailing B&B. They eventually found the right ship deep in France. In 2020 they bought Andante and sailed her across the French and Belgian waters to the Netherlands. Will you also be part of the next chapter in the story of the Andante?
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