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Get on board and explore the ship.

Below deck


At Andante you automatically reserve the entire guest-compartment. It consists of 2 bedrooms and a small hall, under the terrace deck in the front of the ship. Each with its own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Light and airy, because the windows can be opened. In warm summer nights, the ceiling fan provides a gentle cooling breeze. All windows below deck are fitted with mosquito nets. In the hall there is a Nespresso machine and an electric kettle ready for coffee and tea, there is a small hanging / cupboard available for each room. Beds measure 1.4 x 2 meters and can be separated on request. The headroom in the guesthouse is at least 2.05 meters and in the short hallway leading to it 1.85 meters. The rooms are attractive and spacious for a ship's cabin, but smaller than the average shore accommodation, something to take into account.

Above deck


All-round view from the large, wide regular table that is regularly decorated with what is being prepared in the kitchen. But which is just as easily the place for a game night or a cozy sit-down. Behind that is a bar with the kitchen. A long lounge sofa in the front is the place for a reading moment, a diaper session or even a nap to the roar of the engine. The round roof creates a unique atmosphere in the salon.

French doors give access to the deck terrace, so inside and outside flow almost imperceptibly into each other.  The headroom in the salon is two meters in the middle, sloping to the sides.

And, by the way, the salon can be transformed into a meeting room / workspace for groups of up to 12 people in no time at all

Above deck


The large deck terrace is an extension of the salon. With lightweight comfortable lounge sofas that you can place where you want, depending on your panorama or the sun on your face. The large dining table can certainly seat 10 people, the deck terrace offers enough space for a dance party if you would like. The huge vintage parasol provides shade and coolness at the hottest moments. 

The ship


Andante was built in 1951 in Sliedrecht as a transport vessel for the Dutch army and came into service as 'Rijksvaartuig 33'. RV33 is therefore also very heavily built (flat of 9mm and hull further on 8mm). It is also old-fashioned 'riveted' and not welded, which was already common practice at that time. RV33 was used, among other things, to transport ammunition and later in the 1970s, RV33 was often found around the isle of Vlieland, where there is a large military training area. At the end of the 1980s, RV33 was taken out of service and purchased by a Frenchman who converted RV33 into a small-scale charter vessel for the French canals, especially for the Canal du Midi. The round roof of the saloon is modeled after the lowest fixed bridge in that canal. Andante was brought back to the Netherlands in 2020.


Andante is often recognized as 'that ship of the army-genius' by older barge skippers, some even spent their military service on RV33. The skippers especially see the typical shape of the hull: sharply cut at the bow, a special curve in the butt. Due to the special shape of the hull, RV33 / Andante is a fast sailing ship. In addition to being a wonderful holiday ship, Andante is also a unique example of shipbuilding in the Netherlands.

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